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  • Why use bulk chemical services?
    Because we make it easy! Florida Pool Fills offers customizable chemical packages tailored to your specific needs and pool size. Florida Pool Fills offers a wide range of NSF-certified chemical products like Sodium Hypochlorite that are up to the greatest requirements.
  • Are you Hazmat and U.S DOT compliant?
    We have the special permit that allows us to unload bulk chemicals on your commercial property. ​In compliance with U.S. DOT regulations HM -181, (49 CFR 172.704 Subpart H) this U.S. Department of Transportation training is for individuals who handle, manage, transport, or ship hazardousmaterials and hazardous waste.
  • Are your drivers specially trained?
    At Florida Pool Fills®, we prioritize pool chemical safety. Our team is trained and experienced in handling and delivering pool chemicals safely and efficiently. All our delivery drivers are commercially licensed to move chemical liquids and hazardous supplies. We offer a wide range of pool chemicals including liquid chlorine, algaecides, and pH balancers. Our chemicals are of the highest quality and are perfect for any commercial or municipal swimming pool. Contact us today to learn more.
  • What types of pools use bulk pool chemical delivery services?
    Florida Pool Fills™ specializes in delivering liquid chlorine and other pool sanitation chemicals to commercial and municipal swimming pool facilities, waterparks, resorts, country clubs, and any other properties with high usage of pool chemicals in South Florida.
  • Where do you deliver?
    Florida Pool serves all of South Florida and our territory is growing! Call today
  • Do you do pool repairs and maintenance?
    We know you are busy and this is why we provide these extra services to our commercial pool customers. Florida Pool Fills™ focuses on pool chemicals. But, our team of experts can provide you with repair services, equipment maintenance and pool refinishing to keep your commercial pool in top condition.
  • What are the benefits of balanced pool chemical?
    Keep swimmers safe from Bacteria, Pathogens, Viruses and Algae Clear Water Reduce Stains Reduce Scaling Stop Cloudy Water Stop Corrosion Increase life of Pool Finish Increase life of Pool Equipment
  • How far can you pump chemical?
    We deliver any amount of chemicals and are able to pump a distance of 200 feet.
  • Can you delivery chemicals to a roof top pool?
    The answer is Yes! And boy have we had to get creative in the past :)
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