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Need more than Chemical?

If we don't have it, Florida Pool Fills™ will get you to the right place... 

Pool Depth

Full Service Commercial & Municipal Services

Yes, Florida Pool Fills™ specializes in delivering liquid chlorine and other pool sanitation chemicals to commercial and municipal swimming pool facilities, waterparks, resorts, country clubs, and any other properties with high usage of pool chemicals in South Florida.

But, we also make sure pool repairs are quick and affordable for our monthly commercial pool customers.

Saving You Time and Money 

We know you're busy that is why we offer special services to our commercial customers only. Our goal is to keep your pool up and running, so sometimes that means putting in a little elbow grease. Call us for your commercial repairs.

For over 20+ years, all we've done is pools. If we can't fix it, we will make sure the right person can! 

Pool Ladder

Check out Florida Pool® Finishes 

Need Commercial Pool

We got you covered. Florida Pool® has been a leader in Commercial Pool Refinishing for over 20 years. Because Florida Pool® specializes in commercial pool refinishing... there is a difference. Our pool refinishes have been featured of Travel Channel, HGTV, Florida Design and more!  

Refinishing your commercial pool is a big job.

We are experts in the field.

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