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Commercial Pools

Florida Pool® proudly serves Municipalities, School Districts, Country Clubs and HOA's across South Florida.

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Florida Pool Fills™ not only supplies bulk water treatment

chemicals, we can help with commercial pool repairs, equipment maintenance and pool refinishing.


Regardless of their crystal clean appearance, just about all commercial pools are camouflaging a dirty secret. High traffic pools, like hotels and resorts, are often enjoyed by 100's of guests every day. Unfortunately, the reality is microorganisms are brewing in the water and if not properly maintained this dirty secret can be hazardous to humans.  Hidden nuisances like Bacteria, Pathogens, Viruses and Algae can create commercial pool nightmares.


You need a company and chemicals you can trust.  Florida Pool Fills offers a wide range of NSF-certified chemical products like Sodium Hypochlorite that are up to the greatest requirements. NSF certification involves regular on-site inspections of our facility and product testing.

No Job Too Big and No Job Too Small.  

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Choose Florida Pool Fills™ when your  guests safety is your #1 priority. Florida Pool Fills can help you keep your pool clean and clear. 

Water Testing Kit


  • Keep swimmers safe

  • Clear Water

  • Reduce Stains

  • Reduce Scaling

  • Stop Cloudy Water

  • Stop Corrosion

  • Increase life of Pool Finish 

  • Increase life of Pool Equipment 

Swimming Pool


  • Bacteria

  • Pathogens

  • Viruses

  • Algae

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Our experts are trained to setup deliver and maintain commercial pools. Absolutely nothing is more important to Florida Pool Fills than providing high-quality pool chemicals and delivering them to end users safely and securely.


All our delivery drivers are commercially licensed to move chemical liquids and hazardous supplies. 

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